The Most Effective Types of Store Fixtures and Displays for Visual Merchandising

The Most Effective Types of Store Fixtures and Displays for Visual Merchandising

Humans are very visual creatures. So much so that 90 percent of the information the brain receives is visual.

This makes your store fixtures and displays an essential aspect of your store’s success. It’s how your shoppers will first process their perceptions of your products.

Visual merchandising also adds a sense of personality to your store. It can even improve your brand-building efforts.

Think of the Apple store with its open spaces, clean design, and lack of clutter. The whole experience fits the Apple brand image better than a packed, noisy store would.

Your retail store fixtures can be the key to achieving this kind of branded experience.

Wondering which fixtures and displays are most effective? Read on to learn more.

Let’s Get Tactile

One advantage physical stores have over online vendors is the touch factor. Customers can feel how the weight and materials used to make the item. 

This works well in clothing stores where shoppers are used to handling cloth. Styling clothes on mannequins lets them see the finished look better than clothes on rails.

It also works in non-clothing stores. People still like to know how much items weigh or how well-made they feel.

Find ways to let customers try out your products. Apple stores do this, letting shoppers use in-store laptops or iPads before they buy.

Giving customers ways to handle the products gives them more of an opportunity to picture themselves wearing or using them.

Sell the Outfit, Not the Blouse

There’s no reason to stop at a single sale. Use cross-merchandising to suggest products to the shopper that work together.

Electronic stores do this by locating headphones, webcams, or external hard drives near laptop displays. A customer who needs a new laptop is more likely to buy accessories for it.

Clothing stores use cross-merchandising by displaying the elements of an outfit together. Use mannequins to model the outfit. Then hang its constituent parts beside it.

Shoppers get a better sense of how to style each piece. They’re more likely to buy them together when they see how the outfit works.

With this type of display, you encourage them to buy the outfit, not just the blouse.

Add Plants to Store Fixtures and Displays

Plants are a fun way to improve the shopping experience as a whole. They boost air quality indoors and help to absorb sound. This can create a better ambiance within your store.

Greenery also invites customers to spend more time among the displays. Plants help lower stress and create a more relaxing environment.

You can accessorize your displays with plants that suit the products on sale. They’re an easy way to create a theme.

Don’t go over the top with plants. The more crowded a shop feels the ‘cheaper’ customers perceive the products.

This goes for all your displays. Keep it simple and relevant to what you sell.

That’s why high-end stores don’t cram their stores with products. Give your highest ticket pieces room to ‘breathe.’ This helps to draw the eye because they stand out.

Immerse Customers in an Experience With Your Store Displays

Why not theme the whole display around the items you’re selling?

Let’s say you’re selling summer clothing with a rainforest theme. You might use wall graphics to suggest a rainforest location.

Why stop there? Have a few indoor trees, and pipe the sounds of the rainforest around the display.

This creates a tangible sense of a theme and pulls the customer into the scene. Building an experience helps to create emotional connections with the products on sale.

You don’t have to go overboard for this to work well. Even using graphics, typography, and fixtures that match your theme can work well.

Use Seasonal Displays

A great way to refresh your store is to use seasonal displays. You can tap into whatever is on your customer’s mind using these. It also means that the store never feels tired or dated to repeat customers.

Obvious choices include Halloween, Christmas, the back-to-school season, and summer. Valentine’s Day can also be a popular choice.

How about less obvious choices like spring and Easter? Check for local customs in your area that you could tap into.

This is a great choice if you’re a quirky store selling unusual items. Yet it also works for larger stores because you can highlight products you might not normally choose.

Choose Movable Store Fixtures

Smaller stores don’t have the same square footage to install huge displays. This is where movable store fixtures come in handy.

You can move the displays around to highlight new or high-ticket items. Create new paths through the store, so repeat shoppers don’t get bored.

Or keep your merchandising flexible if you have a high turnover of products.

You can still style these fixtures with other tips from this post. Think hanging baskets or plushy products to handle.

Gift card displays also make excellent movable fixtures. Place them near related products to remind customers that you sell gift cards.

Don’t Neglect Point of Purchase Displays

75 percent of buying decisions are made in-store. Shoppers are used to buying things on impulse.

So once customers are at the register, it’s easier to make extra sales.

They’re already committed to buying at least one product from you. There’s less resistance to spending more.

To catch these extra sales, you need to use a good point of purchase (POP) display. These should make the products look attractive. It should also be easy to pick up the products to buy them.

Custom POP displays mean you can stick with a chosen theme or seasonal display. You can also highlight special offers in this part of the store.

Attract Customers With the Right Displays

Now you know what the most effective store fixtures and displays are. You can mix and match these types across your store for great results.

Movable displays bring flexibility to your visual merchandising. Plants turn displays into an oasis of calm. POP displays give you the chance to grab last-minute sales.

Keen to explore modern store fixtures in your visual merchandising? Get a free quote from us today, tailored to your needs.

Guide to a Gorgeous Retail Space Design

Guide to a Gorgeous Retail Space Design

Did you recently open a physical store but aren’t getting the sales you need to make rent? Are you struggling to find ways to showcase your products in an appealing way? It may be time to consider your retail space design.

The design of your store combines two important details: your branding and your customer’s psychology. If your store design doesn’t account for people’s unique habits and thought patterns when shopping, even your best products will gather dust. 

With this in mind, read on to learn about retail space design to find out how it can benefit both your sales and your customers’ experience shopping! 

Stepping Inside

It’s important to keep in mind that your customers need to feel comfortable when approaching your store and when they first walk inside. Otherwise, they may hang back and feel reluctant to browse your items. Although you may get shoppers that enter your store, you may also find that they don’t browse long enough. 

The first way to create an inviting environment is through color. Choosing a neutral color palette in similar tones will make your store appear inviting and relaxing. Shoppers will feel comfortable spending longer amounts of time inside because it’s easy on the eyes. 

You can then use bold accent colors, imagery, or text in the places of your store that you want to call the most attention to, such as your shelf featuring the newest arrivals.  

Store Layout

After the color psychology of the space, the next most important factor to master is the traffic flow of your store. The layout needs to allow shoppers to walk around the entire space, encouraging them to take their time and expose themselves to all of the products available in your store. 

There are three main store layout options: 


The grid layout is often used in grocery and convenience stores. Notice that as soon as you walk inside a store with a grid layout, you can clearly see where all the products are located. This makes it a great option for shoppers that know what they want and want a more efficient shopping experience. 


Loop layouts are commonly used when you have several varieties of products you’re selling and want to maximize the space available. With loop layouts a defined path circles around the whole store.

Shoppers in the United States will typically turn right first and traverse the entire loop counterclockwise, going up and down each aisle until they reach the beginning. 

With loop layouts, products placed in the perimeter loop get as much exposure as those placed in the center. 

Free Flow

You’ll find that free flow layouts are often used by small businesses or more specialized stores. Displays and shelves are placed without grids or straight lines in mind.

Instead, the focus is more on creating attractive product vignettes or staging scenes that help customers visualize the products in their own homes.  

Custom Product Displays

Product display placement is the next most important item to consider. Custom product displays built with your products in mind and the size of your space will ensure that the merchandise is the star.

You’ll also need to keep in mind that certain zones of your store will carry more weight than others. This will directly influence the number of sales. Here are a few key areas of your store that you should keep in mind: 

Transitional Space

The transitional space is the area near the doorway when customers first walk inside. This is when customers adjust to the new shopping environment and get into a new headspace. You want to make this area as inviting as possible and keep it clear of signage or important products; they’ll most likely be ignored. 

Power Wall

In the United States, customers are more likely to turn right after they walk into a store. You’ll want to keep this in mind and focus on featuring your most important merchandise or products that truly showcase your brand on store fixtures to the right. 

With this in mind, it’s important to avoid placing your checkout counter or changing rooms in this key selling area.

Merchandise Outposts

Outposts are also an important part of product placement because they act as a visual break from the normal flow of the store. These are normally placed at the end of aisles and contain products that help encourage impulse buys. 

Utilizing Countertop Space

Remember that your checkout counter is just as important to retail design. People are still shopping and browsing while they’re waiting in line, so be sure to feature products on the wall behind the checkout counter. This is also a great place to display countertop sign holders with discounts, business cards, and more. 

This is also a great place to feature add-on products. When customers are waiting, they may just throw something into their bag because they’re making a purchase anyway and don’t mind adding on a few dollars to the purchase price. This is when product sample displays can come in handy. 

Creating an Impactful Retail Space Design

Retail space design is all about crafting a comfortable experience for your customers that will encourage them to stay awhile, browse, make a purchase, and come back in the future. This simply isn’t possible if you’re using predominantly loud colors and the store is hard to navigate. 

By paying attention to traffic flow and investing in product displays that suit your merchandise and the size of your store, you’re far more likely to make a sale.

Ready to upgrade your own store with custom displays, countertop sign holders, and more? Contact us for a free custom quote today! 

Fixture Displays: Guide to the Top Best 8

Fixture Displays: Guide to the Top Best 8

Are you on the search for the best fixture displays money can buy? If so we are here to help you find the best display for your shop so merchandise will go flying out the door in no time. Keep reading below to see what the best fixture displays are.

1. POP Fixtures

POP fixtures are a great way to have your product front and center for every customer to see. These fixture displays use a combination of great materials with amazing design concepts to display your product in a way that will catch the eye of any shopper.

POP displays can come in a variety of sizes so you can put your product anywhere in the store. These retail store fixtures can sit by themselves up near the registers or even hang on at the end of the aisle.

These fixtures can also be tailored to fit any product or brand image you’re going for. They can be made out of plastic, cardboard, or wood leaving the design possibilities endless.

2. Cube Unit Display

A cube unit display is very versatile and will allow you to display many things in one space. This display can be made of any material from glass to plastic to match your store’s atmosphere.

Cube units work best when displaying items that are related to one another. For example if you’re selling multiple colors of a scarf you can place each color in its own cube. This display is even effective in selling outfits that you may have displayed around the store by placing every item in the same row.

3. 2-Way Display Rack

If you’re in need of clothing store fixtures then a 2-way display rack is a necessity. You will be able to use this rack to bring attention to an item or sale or even a hot buy. This rack will help not 1 but 2 items stand out from the rest.

When it comes to clothes store fixtures the 2-way display rack will help to ensure that important pieces don’t get lost in the sea of clothing options your store has to offer. You can even use this rack to your advantage to help slow-selling items fly off the shelf by having them catch the customer’s eye.

4. Slatwall Merchandiser

If you’re looking to display items such as books or magazines then the Slatwall merchandiser will be perfect for you. The Slatwall is usually made of wood and will have grooves in the side. These grooves can have plastic shelving placed to display items.

The Slatwall merchandiser is great for bringing attention to a select few items or even highlighting items that are currently on sale. The best part about this retail fixture is that you can ditch the plastic shelves and add metal hooks to hang items, making it very versatile.

5. Accessory Display Rack

The key to having items sell well is to display them properly. When a product is displayed nice and it’s organized it will encourage the shopper to browse.

When it comes to accessories it may feel as if it’s hard to display these items in an organized way, but that’s where an accessory display rack comes in. There are a number of counter racks that can be used to display accessories and even land a last-minute sale at the check-out counter.

If you’re looking to display hats then you can opt for a wire display rack. Jewelry such as necklaces and rings can be placed within a plastic rack in its own packaging or even placed on small mannequins.

6. Slatwall Panels

Having empty space on the wall in your store may be a missed opportunity for displaying items. If you have any free room on the walls you should consider getting Slatwall panels.

Slatwall panels are great for utilizing display space and bringing attention to items as customers browse. You can use metal hooks to display items and to have them sell fast.

These panels come in many wood finishes and can even be made out of metal. This means you can find the best panel to look great in your store and not have it be an eyesore.

7. Cash Register Stand

It’s always a great idea to place items in or around the check out line so customers have the opportunity to impulse buy. These items may be sample sizes or a hot new item everyone is looking for.

To best display these impulse buys you should consider using a cash register stand. Cash register stands have a flat top with a few shelves below, giving you plenty of space to display one or more products.

8. Grid Merchandiser

Grid merchandisers are a great way to display a number of items in a small space. This fixture is a lightweight metal that’s easy to move.

The grid merchandiser has a few shelves to display products which can be easily removed and adjusted. In addition to its shelves is the grid that the fixture is composed of. This metal gird can be used to add things such as hooks and even more shelves to maximize your merchandising space.

Now You Know About the Best Fixture Displays

You now know about the top fixture displays that money can buy. From using cash register stands to your merchandising advantage to using 2-way racks to highlight hot items, you’re sure to have the best displays in your store in no time. For more display tips and information be sure to check out the rest of our website.

7 Benefits of Custom Product Displays for Businesses

7 Benefits of Custom Product Displays for Businesses

Did you know that more than 60 percent of customers gravitate towards a company’s product display? The utilization of custom product displays allows customers to have a better interaction with a company and to learn about their products.

You might be wondering if you should use this marketing technique for your business. Check out these seven powerful benefits for using customizable displays.

1. Eye-Catching Designs

Customizable product displays have eye-catching designs. These designs are attractive, unique, and appealing to customers.

You can make a good impression on people with unique designs. Your designs also make it easier for people to remember your business.

This is a great technique that helps you to attract leads when you’re marketing different products. Eye-catching display designs help your business to stand out and may help you get instant attention from people.

Think about a fresh, appealing cutting-edge design that you want for your product display. This design can convey your brand’s story.

When you engage in this marketing practice, you may get significant results for your business. To get the best designs, you can work closely with a company that has the right experience and expertise.

2. They Make Your Business Personable

What is the persona of your business? A customizable display helps to make your business more personable. Staying true to your identity is the easiest way to make your business more approachable.

Think of the persona of your business and use the right displays to deliver your message. Once you define the persona of your business with a customizable display, you have the chance to elevate its operation.

Being personable and offering quality product displays can do so much for your business. This is a way for you to make your business name more recognizable.

When you’re personable with your displays, you build an emotional connection with people and get their trust.

3. They are Versatile

If you want a versatile display, you can design a trendy product display. Regardless of the products you’re marketing, you can get the perfect design that fits your needs and budget.

These displays are easy to customize since they come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Because of their versatility, personalized product displays can be a trendy marketing option for your businesses.

You get to highlight your products in the best light with a professional, personalized display. You can arrange various products on your display in an attractive manner that makes them easier to sell.

If you don’t want a traditional source, you can use a versatile product display that’s suitable for the nature of your business.

4. More Sales Conversions

According to statistics, 76 percent of purchasing decisions are made inside a store.

Setting up a quality product display for your business is a sure-fire way to boost your sales. Your displays can have a dramatic influence on the purchasing behavior of customers.

The particular design you choose can target certain buyers. When people see your display, they might have the impulse to make a purchase.

They might also make inquiries about your products. These displays help you to attract a consistent stream of impulsive buyers. Product displays can help you to build customer loyalty.

Displaying large items also gives you the advantage to grab people’s attention and for them to make a purchase. Using large displays is a strategy to generate leads and for you to build your customer base.

If customers like your products, they will have the incline to keep buying from your business. They might even share or refer your products with other people, which helps to increase your rate of sales.

Using a display that identifies with your audience helps you to achieve long-term sales.

5. You Save Money

You have the benefit of saving money using a customizable product display. You save money using this strategy because you get a display that is efficient and provides value to your business.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a customizable display that’s right for your business. You save money contacting a designer, exploring various designs, and choosing one that aligns with your business.

6. Professionalism for Your Business

Customizable displays can help you to achieve a professional image for your business. Instead of using an ordinary display, you can create a unique and professional design that reflects your business.

A professional display is a clever strategy that gives you a competitive edge in your industry. A professional display also helps you to show off your products.

This is a way to get customers to choose your business over your competitors. With a professional display, you have the chance to capture the attention of customers.

7. They’re Educational

Customizable displays can educate the public before they decide to buy your products. Your displays can provide useful information about your products.

You can include the benefits of your products to help people decide which products to buy. An educational product display is also a technique you can use to introduce new products and to generate awareness.

The text you use is also important. Bear in mind that your customizable displays should contain text that is easy for people to read.

Express Your Business With Custom Product Displays

Don’t underestimate the power of a unique display that represents your business. Implementing custom product displays may lead your business to success.

You can use this effective marketing option to build the reputation of your business and to have better communication with your customers.

Do you want a personalized design for your business? If you have the interest to get unique displays, you contact us for a custom quote.