Are you on the search for the best fixture displays money can buy? If so we are here to help you find the best display for your shop so merchandise will go flying out the door in no time. Keep reading below to see what the best fixture displays are.

1. POP Fixtures

POP fixtures are a great way to have your product front and center for every customer to see. These fixture displays use a combination of great materials with amazing design concepts to display your product in a way that will catch the eye of any shopper.

POP displays can come in a variety of sizes so you can put your product anywhere in the store. These retail store fixtures can sit by themselves up near the registers or even hang on at the end of the aisle.

These fixtures can also be tailored to fit any product or brand image you’re going for. They can be made out of plastic, cardboard, or wood leaving the design possibilities endless.

2. Cube Unit Display

A cube unit display is very versatile and will allow you to display many things in one space. This display can be made of any material from glass to plastic to match your store’s atmosphere.

Cube units work best when displaying items that are related to one another. For example if you’re selling multiple colors of a scarf you can place each color in its own cube. This display is even effective in selling outfits that you may have displayed around the store by placing every item in the same row.

3. 2-Way Display Rack

If you’re in need of clothing store fixtures then a 2-way display rack is a necessity. You will be able to use this rack to bring attention to an item or sale or even a hot buy. This rack will help not 1 but 2 items stand out from the rest.

When it comes to clothes store fixtures the 2-way display rack will help to ensure that important pieces don’t get lost in the sea of clothing options your store has to offer. You can even use this rack to your advantage to help slow-selling items fly off the shelf by having them catch the customer’s eye.

4. Slatwall Merchandiser

If you’re looking to display items such as books or magazines then the Slatwall merchandiser will be perfect for you. The Slatwall is usually made of wood and will have grooves in the side. These grooves can have plastic shelving placed to display items.

The Slatwall merchandiser is great for bringing attention to a select few items or even highlighting items that are currently on sale. The best part about this retail fixture is that you can ditch the plastic shelves and add metal hooks to hang items, making it very versatile.

5. Accessory Display Rack

The key to having items sell well is to display them properly. When a product is displayed nice and it’s organized it will encourage the shopper to browse.

When it comes to accessories it may feel as if it’s hard to display these items in an organized way, but that’s where an accessory display rack comes in. There are a number of counter racks that can be used to display accessories and even land a last-minute sale at the check-out counter.

If you’re looking to display hats then you can opt for a wire display rack. Jewelry such as necklaces and rings can be placed within a plastic rack in its own packaging or even placed on small mannequins.

6. Slatwall Panels

Having empty space on the wall in your store may be a missed opportunity for displaying items. If you have any free room on the walls you should consider getting Slatwall panels.

Slatwall panels are great for utilizing display space and bringing attention to items as customers browse. You can use metal hooks to display items and to have them sell fast.

These panels come in many wood finishes and can even be made out of metal. This means you can find the best panel to look great in your store and not have it be an eyesore.

7. Cash Register Stand

It’s always a great idea to place items in or around the check out line so customers have the opportunity to impulse buy. These items may be sample sizes or a hot new item everyone is looking for.

To best display these impulse buys you should consider using a cash register stand. Cash register stands have a flat top with a few shelves below, giving you plenty of space to display one or more products.

8. Grid Merchandiser

Grid merchandisers are a great way to display a number of items in a small space. This fixture is a lightweight metal that’s easy to move.

The grid merchandiser has a few shelves to display products which can be easily removed and adjusted. In addition to its shelves is the grid that the fixture is composed of. This metal gird can be used to add things such as hooks and even more shelves to maximize your merchandising space.

Now You Know About the Best Fixture Displays

You now know about the top fixture displays that money can buy. From using cash register stands to your merchandising advantage to using 2-way racks to highlight hot items, you’re sure to have the best displays in your store in no time. For more display tips and information be sure to check out the rest of our website.