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An initial minimum order of $2500 is required for terms consideration.  Prior to placing your order, download, complete and return the Credit Application form at the link below.  Terms are net 30 days upon credit approval for firms with satisfactory credit ratings.  Please provide five current credit references including a bank. Allow 10 days to establish credit. Purchase order numbers are required before processing your order. 


We currently collect sales tax only for sales within the state of Michigan. This may change at any time.

If you are tax exempt, please call us for instructions on how to submit your tax-exempt certificate to us and how to set up an account so that your tax status will be reflected in your orders.


PLEASE NOTE: The following terms and conditions apply to all purchase orders accepted by Design Manufacturing. Insofar as there may be inconsistencies between these terms and conditions and those referred to on customer purchase orders, the terms listed here shall prevail and will govern the contractual relationships between Design Manufacturing and its customers.

  1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a 50% deposit is required on all custom projects.
  2. Design mfg. reserves the right to charge customer for production line stoppages caused by delays in arrival of customer supplied components, shipping containers, or anything needed to complete the order. Similarly, customers should anticipate charges for space considerations and extra handling for excessive delays in starting projects beyond the scheduled launch date.
  3. Design Mfg. will exercise reasonable efforts to achieve customer targeted ship dates; however Design Mfg. will not be liable for any penalties, expedited freight costs, or extra charges of any kind for merchandise that arrives at the customer beyond the targeted date without the pre- specified, explicit written approval from an authorized representative of Design Mfg.
  4. All specifications, documents, CAD programs, technical descriptions, know-how, processes, prototypes, samples, designs of any kind, files, artwork, drawings, sketches, dummies, film positives, negatives, deliverables, goods, products, molds, intellectual property, confidential information or other information or materials or portions thereof (“Proprietary Materials”) that Design Mfg. devises in conjunction with a particular project remains the intellectual property and sole possession of Design Mfg. unless specifically itemized as a ‘deliverable’ and assigned a transactional value on a purchase order.
  5. Any claims for damage, shortages, or rejected parts must be made in writing within 5 days of receipt of goods. Claims for lost or damaged shipments shipped by your carrier must originate with you and be filed with the delivering carrier. Design Mfg. is not responsible for replacing damaged items that are arranged by you or shipped by your carrier.
  6. No returns will be accepted without a Return of Authorization form (RMA) from a representative of Design Mfg. Credits will be considered upon inspection, and none will be granted if the part has been repackaged, altered or defaced in any way, or if any additional operation has been performed on it. Imprinted orders, custom orders and orders for custom runs are not returnable.
  7. Design Mfg. will not assume liability for the failure of customer supplied or specified parts. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of adhesives in lieu of mechanical fasteners, electronics, or discoloration of materials.
  8. Incoming freight should be sent to Design Mfg. on pallets with clearly identified product descriptions, quantities and related order number for which they are to be used for. Packing lists must also be included. Design Mfg. reserves the right to charge for floor-loaded freight, and/or for labor when off-loading non-palletized freight.
  9. Purchaser agrees to accept either the overage or shortage not in excess of 10 percent to be charged pro rata unless specified per quote.
  10. If after the completion of an order, Design Mfg. is holding material or finished parts for more than 30 days, we reserve the right to charge storage fees. Alternatively, the customer may elect to have Design Mfg. ship the material at customer’s expense to a public warehouse or to such other place of business as customer may designate. If customer does not provide Design Mfg. with payment or direction, Design Mfg. may abandon the material with no further notification.
  11. Cancellation or change to orders may be subject to additional charges. Cancellations or decreases must be preapproved by a representative of Design Mfg. and may incur additional charges.
  12. Stock Items cannot be returned after 30 days. Custom items are non-returnable and non- refundable.
  13. Design Mfg. shall be entitled to its attorneys’ fees and related costs if it is forced to pursue legal action due to failure to pay by the customer