Every dollar invested in customer experience is expected to bring $100 back in return. This means that you’re directly investing your current funds into making more money in the future when you put money into things like product design.

Product display is one of the most important factors when it comes to making and releasing a product. It’s the first thing the customer sees when they go to the store, and it’s how they identify that product in the future when they’re ready to buy more.

If you’re ready to learn more about how product display is important for your business, keep reading.

Why Product Display Is Important

Every time you go to the store, you’re seeing product displays everywhere. You’re seeing mannequins in the window, trays on the ends of the aisle, and showcases for different brands all over the place.

All of these displays are made to catch your attention and get you interested in buying a certain product. When they’re done right, they sell products like crazy.

If you’re looking to sell a product, you need to take advantage of tactics like these. Let’s talk about why you should invest in product displays like these and how they can help your business stretch beyond its potential.

Product Displays Gain Customer Attention

As you know from personal experience, product displays gain customer attention. When you’re in the store, you’re taken every which way to new and different product displays.

Just like you, other consumers are captivated by product displays even if they don’t know it.

This tactic is known as visual merchandising. Businesses are making their products look more attractive to consumers who are roaming the stores.

These displays can also be more convenient, especially when found at the front of the store or at the end of the aisles. Customers who are walking around are more likely to pick up the items like these that are more strategically placed.

Visual merchandising also helps point the customer in the right direction. By hanging things higher up, your customers can take a quick look around the store and find what they need.

Plus, you can use the displays to point customers towards aisles that they should walk down. For example, you may want the soda displayed at the end of the soda aisle or the shirts displayed at the end of the shirt aisle. It just makes sense.

Product Displays Optimize Sales

Since product displays are conveniently placed for customers to see and grab items, product displays have the ability to optimize sales. We emphasize that this statement is true if the product displays are in fact convenient and properly placed.

It may take trial and error to find out where the displays are best kept, but it is worth it in the end.

Some stores have soft openings to find out what the best flow for the store is. For example, you may want to keep all clothing together and all jewelry together. But, if they’re both busy sections, it’s probably best not to have them right next to one another.

As you’re running your store, keep customer preferences in mind. Think about the way that a customer goes through their shopping list and design your store how it would make sense to your target audience.

If you’re looking to have a single display for your products in a larger store like Target or Walmart, you need to think about where your products would best fit. If you’re selling workout equipment, you need to make sure that your display is properly located next to relevant items.


In addition to all of this, we stress that you keep your displays clean. Product displays that are messy are not likely to promote sales as much as product displays that are clean.

In order to optimize sales, your audience needs to be able to find what they want to get and then go. There shouldn’t be any shuffling or digging.

Product Displays Give Consistent Branding

Consistent branding is extremely important to a company that is looking to succeed. Assuming that you’re looking to improve your business and increase sales, you need to think about your branding.

If you’re working for or the owner of an established business, you likely already have branding. If not, you need to make your branding clear now.

Without a consistent brand message, you’re going to have several confused customers.

Your customers should be able to pick your brand out of a million others. No matter where they are, they should be able to identify your colors, your logo, and other aspects of your design.

All of this is related to your product design. If you’re looking to display products in-store, your displays need to match the persona and design that you’ve already made for your business.

As you’re thinking about placing your product displays, you need to think about what kind of colors, patterns, and designs your target audience wants. If you’re creating a store for children, you’re not likely going to leave everything monotone. Do you see what we’re saying?

Product displays only work if you work to make them. You will see a great increase in sales if you’re taking your target audience into consideration.

Where to Go if You Need Help With Your Product Display

As you’ve now learned, product displays are extremely important. From helping your customer recognize the product to ensuring that the right products are displayed with one another, product display can change the game for your business and its products.

But, product display isn’t easy. Figuring out the best way to organize all of your business’ products is not simple.

That’s why our team has figured out a way to help businesses like you organize their products with our custom product displays. You can stand out of the crowd by using our pop fixtures that are sure to grab customer attention.

Give us a call today. The sooner you get started, the sooner your business could be making more money.